Keywords: UX Research, User Interviews, Prototyping, UI Design, User Testing​​​​​​​
Role: UX/UI designer 
Company: Vakansa AB 
 I was the primary lead on this project, where my task as a UX designer was to design the platform from scratch. My work process consisted of usability studies, competitor analysis, UX research (Interviews, surveys, user tests, and analysis), prototyping, testings, UI, and illustrations. The team consisted of two fronted-developer, the product owner, and me.
Vakansa's new platform design, Homepage and venue search page

Vakansa is a startup that runs a platform for renting under-used spaces (offices, cinemas, schools...). The platform enables hosts to advertise their properties for rent on any timescale from a single hour to a long-term contract.
During the first stage of my work I conducted research through interviews, user testing, usability studies and analysis of previous data. I learned that the process of advertising a space was long and confusing, search functionality was limited and the information about membership options and prices were insufficient. The users also found the platform to look outdated and generic which doesn't reflect how the platform aims to be perceived.

Target group

Vakansa is aimed at anyone who has or needs a space. The target group is therefore relatively broad and includes, for example, companies, schools and associations on the local owner side. On the local applicant side, there are, for example, other companies and associations, but also freelancers and self-employed people. 

Interviewing and qualitative analysis
I utilized a user-centered approach to conduct research on the existing and potencial users:
- Conducted interviews with schools, companies and freelancers.
- Used Affinity Diagram to pattern finding 
- Worked with Behaviour types, User stories and Customer Journey mapping.
- Creation of requirements sheet and prioritization.​​​​​​​

Design concept

Based on the previous research and analysis the platform was designed based with the following concepts:

- A smooth process for advertising and searching/booking a space. This includes a one-step application form to create an ad, standardized minimum requirements for the ads to ensure high quality, improved search functionality using filters and accelerator buttons

- More information and assistance: Increased assistance and recommendations for placing ads, a complete overhaul of the company and process description pages including clear prices and terms.

- Fast, easy access customer service providing assistance for every step of the space renting process. This ensures that new users can easily use the service and provides direct links, in key places on the webpage and dashboard, to customer service if they have any further needs.

Prototyping and testing

A prototype of the platform was created using Adobe XD and used for user testing. At this stage the testing was limited to some of the functionality as this kind of model does not allow creating spaces to be booked or actual booking of spaces. Among the functionalities tested the general impression impression of the test subjects was positive, the information was perceived as clear and sufficient, the flow was smoother and the modern, minimalist style was consistent with the image of Vakansa and its mission statement.
More tests are planned to be done once the page is launched with its full functionality, in particular space owner's calendar and booking process.

Next steps

The aim of the current platform was to have an MVP to launch quickly. In parallel further improvements on the user dashboard, with added communication options between renters and owners as well as an improved booking system and the platform administrators dashboard will be made.

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