Keywords: UX/UI, User Interviews, Surveys, Prototyping​​​​​​​
Role: UX Design student
With a team of four other student from CHAS Academy, I helped envision and design a digital tool that would contribute to a more sustainable public transportation.
Our proposal consisted of a webpage that would encourage people to take the train for trips inside the nordic countries though Greenpoints that could be used later for other trips or for purchase of products. 
This project was developed according to the Design Thinking 5 stages: Emphatize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test.

Research & Interviewing

Our first challenge was to understand what obstacles there are for people to travel more sustainably (take the train instead of flying), to understand how we can design a better digital solution to the problem. to asses this we performed several interviews and surveys where it was concluded that:
- People seem to have a hard time rating their own environmental impact. Some people think they are more environmentally friendly than they really are, and some underestimate how environmentally friendly they actually are.

- There are many obstacles to choosing a more environmentally friendly alternative to flying. The primary obstacle was price, late time but also convenience.

- People seemed to be positively focused on a motivational scoring system for their greener choices that results in vouchers and the like.

- Painpoints: People do not want to be redirected to another booking site, they do not want too many stops in their journey. That it will be good if you show how much carbon dioxide is emitted, but to do it in an educational way, otherwise you will not make an impact.

Based on our analysis we create an Affinity map from where we were able to identify 5 behavioral types: Planner, Inspiration seeker, Sustainability savvy, Price hunter, Newly arrived, businesspeople and parents. From this we clustering them into 3 categories from where we developed our strategy. 
Prototyping & Development
We developed a webpage based on this concept: 
ECOTRIP is a booking system for trains between the Nordic countries. The purpose of ECOTRIP is to make it easier for people to travel more sustainably.
By showing how much carbon dioxide emissions you contribute to, people become aware of their environmental impact. To further motivate them, they can earn Greenpoints if they book through our booking system. These green points can be used for vouchers and the like.
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